Potato with oysters

One potato from the Sibillini Mountains
Two oysters from the Adriatic Sea
Olive oil
Fat-free plain yogurt
Various herbs: marjoram
Thyme: thymus serpyllum

Cook the potato with the whole skin inside the copper pot with sea water and stones taken from the seaside, peel it, shell the oyster of one of the two, leave one of them intact, blend the other one with a spoon of sea water and a tea spoon of olive oil until you make a very smooth emulsion.

Plating up:
Lay down on a soup dish the yogurt where we previously added the various herbs ground, put the potato on and then the intact oyster, the emulsion and -last- a little drop of extra virgin olive oil.

Recipe of Enrico Mazzaroni
Chef of the restaurant "Il Tiglio In Vita", Porto Recanati (Macerata)
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